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The Chantry Trials is a short horror-eqsue puzzle game in the Vampire: The Masquerade setting, where you play as a young Tremere initiate undergoing his first round of trials to determine his worthiness of The Blood.

CW: Blood, a few jumpscares

Movement: WASD
Sense the Unseen: E
Pause menu: Tab
Interact: F
Run: Shift

Patch notes

v 1.1 (2021-12-02)

- Removed many unused assets, drastically lowering the download size

- Fixed overlapping collision causing the outro sequence to trigger several times

- The door in the third trial no longer locks, to prevent being accidentally locked out

- The found object in the third trial is now hidden if you do the swing trial after

- Adjusted decal scale of the yeeting ward so it won't show up in the swing trial room

- Fixed the font and colors of the button in the book widget to match the rest of the UI

- Adjusted some wall and ceiling pieces to hide gaps

- Optimized some textures

- Preparations for audio settings and subtitles for the Regent and Stella (even a scoffing "hah" should have subtitles, so you KNOW she's dismissing your request for help) have been made, not enabled yet

To fix:

- Shadow artifacts on some floors and the Cove landscape

- Audio settings and subtitles

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
AuthorOlof Friström
TagsFirst-Person, Horror, Magic, supernatural, Vampire


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Hey, for some reason whenever i try to run the game it gives me this error

I'd really love to play the game so I'd really appreciate if you looked into it.

Well done! Though honestly I'm bit too dumb for it, so I never finished it, but I did get hyperfixated on the moon in one of the trials and brute forced the other, so I'm proud of that! Also I DID NOT manage to break your game in any way. Which is sad for me, as I really wanted to break my way through those scream wards.

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I liked it. Very nice idea. The puzzles were challenging and I had to look at the streams for the second one. The thrid one was the best. looked for a long time but I knew there has to be more :D 
The 3D environment looked great and you also added a voice! Great work!

Not a bad game, the atmosphere was neat although the puzzles were a bit confusing aside that it was a fun game, good work :)


cooool game

A great game, with a good level of challenge. I don't know the Vampire: The Masquerade universe, but it seems to be quite interesting. Congratulations for your work.

Ahh I ended up shipwrecked on the beach, I missed one of the books and maybe that would have helped. Superb game, visually impressive, I think it's excellent, great atmosphere and the puzzles beat me hands down!

I played it on my stream, along with a few of the other submissions, I hope that's ok. Good Luck!

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I really like the design and concept of the game as the graphics and details of the game made me feel like I was playing a game that I bought instead of a game for free. I liked the puzzles as even though they were quite confusing at first, I eventually figured it out, especially the third puzzle of the game. I completely did not notice the 3rd image on the bookshelf which wasted quite a bit of my time in terms of reaching the ending XD.

Would love to see more puzzles and learn more about the storyline of the game if possible as I am really interested as to what the main character can do and will do after the ending part.

Thank you for reading my comment and I wish you good luck in your future endeavours.

Very nice puzzles and great atmosphere!